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For Immediate Release:      

Wear My Values Releases #LookDeeper Kickstarter Campaign

Lafayette, CO – April 10, 2017, after completing shipping of their successful first Kickstarter, Wear My

Values LLC launched their second Kickstarter campaign today, releasing 4 new designs available as t-
shirts and stickers. Motivated to make the world better, Wear My Values pledged to donate 30% of

profits to issue-relevant activist organizations fighting to support the most vulnerable among us.

Organizations receiving donations from this campaign include the ACLU, Operation Homefront (veterans

support services), and Stomp Out Bullying. You can support Wear My Values by buying shirts or stickers

at https://goo.gl/YHmJVP until May 8, 7PM MST.

Wear My Values founder, Daniel Winterhalter, states: “I want to create a ‘stop and think moment’ for

the entire country. I want people to look at our shirts and be surprised out of their assumptions of who

the person wearing it is, or how they’ll behave. To wonder who the person they meet really is, not just

assume based on what they look like. I challenge the entire country to look deeper at the people they

meet, every day. Right now, I can do it one T-shirt and one person at a time.”

Donations will be directed to organizations that are relevant to each design’s message. Initial donations

will be given to the organizations denoted below. If the campaign is incredibly successful, donations will

be split between other organizations doing similar work. Proceeds gained from:

• This is what a Patriot looks like are slated for Veterans assistance organizations, starting with

Operation Homefront in their work with Veterans’ mental health and emergency housing needs

• Liberty for All are slated for refugee relief organizations, in their work offering emergency and

ongoing assistance caring for those displaced from their homes

• This is what an Ally looks like are slated for anti-bullying organizations, raising awareness and

teaching strategies to reduce bullying in school and in life.

• Wear My Values will also be re-releasing Liberty’s with Her, with donations slated for civil rights

& civil liberties organizations standing up against the Executive Orders known as the

#MuslimBan, starting with the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) in their work protecting

the rights of all groups facing disadvantage and discrimination.

Not Red, Not Blue, American will be handled differently- Wear My Values will be accepting submissions

to their facebook page of organizations to donate to, and will be selecting a few upon which the

Kickstarter backers will vote.